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by Jannik8500 at 9:13 PM
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Hey PvP4Allers

Da es diesmal um ein sehr ernstes Thema geht, wird dieser Post mal wieder auf Deutsch geschrieben.

Wie ihr bestimmt bereits gemerkt habt, sind die Userzahlen in den letzten Monaten extrem gesunken. Früher hatten wir jeweils rund 200 verschiedene User pro Tag online, heute sind es gerade mal noch durchschnittlich 12 (über den ganzen Tag verteilt). Dadurch hat natürlich das gesamte Team nicht mehr wirklich Motivation etwas für den Server zu tun. Die Mapper, welche Stunden lang an einer einzelnen Map sitzen, welche danach gerade mal noch von paar Usern gespielt wird. Die Moderatoren, welche Stunden lang pro Tag online sind, um allfällige Reports zu bearbeiten. Die Developer, welche Nächte lang an einem Plugin sitzen, welches danach von so wenigen Usern genutzt wird. Und letztendlich die Administratoren, welche das ganze Team leiten und mit dieser wenigen Motivation zurechtkommen müssen. Zudem werden wir auch alle älter, sind gerade am Schulabschluss, arbeiten...
by MinelordGaming at 6:25 PM
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The New PvP Minigame on the PvP4All Minecraft Server

Hey PvP4Allers! :)
We hope you are doing well! For this weekend we finally release a new Minigame for you: Kit-PvP!

In Kit-PvP you fight against other players just like in PvP! You can always join or leave a server (that isn’t full) whenever you want to!

On first join you land in a small lobby where you can choose a Kit to play with. The first Kit will be for free. However, all Kits then will cost 3.000 Tokens each. All Kits have different Abilities which (hopefully) help you in fights You can change your Kit whenever you want with the /kit command ingame!

Keep in mind that Kit-PvP is by now only playable with the Minecraft Version 1.9!

We are only able to bring you this awesome new Minigame because of our new Developer @Zeryther who did most of the code for the whole game. At least @Jannik8500 did a few things, too. ^^

We hope...
by Jannik8500 at 12:40 PM
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Heyho PvP4allers

Today, we’ve really great news for you.
In the last weeks we’ve done many updates, we hope you guys like it!

Many weeks ago, Mojang released the Minecraft version 1.9.
Now, PvP4All supports finally the Versions 1.8 and 1.9.

To prevent version differences, you will get a shield in your left hand, if you’re blocking in 1.9 and the cool down is disabled. The Version 1.8 is not affected by this changes.

Just as a reminder:
We will completely update to 1.9 in the future. To allow a fluid transition, we will update our game modes step-by-step to the full release of 1.9.

In the near future, we will start the first tests with BlockBendingGames on 1.9, so it would be the first game which we update to fully 1.9. – We have a lot of great updates, just trust in us!

That’s not all! We have also done some updates at our Game modes:

  • SuperJump does now support our Mappool, so we have added +8 BRAND NEW MAPS!
  • You’re now see only maps which are...
by Jannik8500 at 10:51 PM
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Heyah PvP4Allers!

Today we have really good news for you!
The last Week we have done a lot of updates. I’m happy to present them to you in this post!

- HorrorSG does now support our Mappool. That means we’ve added our Maprating-System (more here)
- HorrorSG does now support Achievements. For now there are 5 Achievements added yet!
- We’ve also done a lot of bugfixes and performance improvements

- We’ve released the brand new Map "Western“, built by the PvP4All Mapperteam

- We’ve released the new Map „Moon“, built by the PvP4All Mapperteam
- Removed the Map "Black And Yellow"

- Special Items (which can't be gained by beacons) have now a lower durabillity. These Items are gainable by Enderchests and Killstreaks
- We’ve added the brand new Map „Multibiomes“, built by the PvP4All Mapperteam

- BBG...
by MinelordGaming at 8:23 PM
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Hey PvP4All Community!

We are so sorry for the Downtime of the Minecraft and Teamspeak Server today! There was a blackout in the data center, which causes our Network to go offline.

The TeamSpeak also got attacked by a unknown user with the help of a known Teamspeak Bug. But don't worry - We updated the Teamspeak Server so that this Bug won't happen again!

Both Teamspeak and Minecraft Server are now back on and will stay online!

Enjoy your stay and have fun guys! :D
Design1 - WokieTV.png
by SilverPlaying at 8:57 PM
(15,119 Views / 6 Likes)
[Deutsche Version weiter unten]

Heyho lovely Community,

Since the Design Contest is over, we are now starting the Voting! Now it is your turn to choose one of the five best Designs, which you think is the best of the best!

But first off we want to thank everyone who joined the Contest by handing in a design. For all those of you we have a little surprise, too :)

Now here are the finalists that you can vote for:

Submission Nr. 1 by @WokieTV:

Submission Nr. 2 by @webagent007:
Design2 - webagent007.jpg

Submission Nr. 3 by @RInalvez:
Design3 - unbekannt.png

Submission Nr. 4:
Design4 - unbekannt.png

Submission Nr. 5:
Design5 - unbekannt.png

Since some people wanted to stay anonym we did not mention them (Submission Nr. 4 and 5)....
by Jannik8500 at 11:29 PM
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Good News PvP4Allers!

Today, we’ve released our new Map Voting System.
After every round, you get the following message in the chat:

Rate this map by clicking: [Good] [Bad]

Here, you’re able to rate the played map, by clicking on the chat.

But why should I do this?
Because we’re going to release more and more maps in the future, we don’t know which Map the community does like and which not. With this system, you can tell us if you like this map or not.

The Staff -Team does create a Datagram after every month. So, we’re able to see fast if the community likes a map or not. If a map has really bad ratings, we’re going to remove it, or/and use it as feedback for future maps.

What about polls, about removing a map, in the Forums?
They are no longer valid.
This in-game system is more effective!

Why do I not get this message?
If you’ve already voted for...
by SilverPlaying at 4:59 PM
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Heyho PvP4Allers!

today we created this for all the creatives of you:
We decided to do a Design Contest, in which you can choose the winner at the end of the contest!

If you’re interested in being a part of it, you find all important information at the bottom of the page!

What are my duties if I want to take part?
If you want to attend you have to create a Banner for the official PvP4All Teamspeak3 Server.

Important information about the banner:

  • the banner must have a size of 1024x300 pixels
  • the banner must show the official PvP4All IP-Adress (PvP4All.NET)
  • the topic of the banner should be Minecraft
  • OPTIONAL: list of all our gamemodes (see current PvP4All Teamspeak Banner)

How can I attend with my Banner?
Start a conversation with @SilverPlaying here in the...
by Jannik8500 at 3:48 PM
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Heyho PvP4Allers,

as first, thanks for so much attends at our Christmas Event.
We gave out an impressive amount of over 1360 surprises!
We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Event and had fun!

As a “Christmas Gift” for you, we’ve released the new OneShot Map “Small Mall” and our new inspiring AntiAura Plugin which should help banning hackers faster in the future!

NEW OneShot Map: Small Mall

Created by the PvP4All Team

AntiAura Release

After month of working, we are going to release a first alpha of our AntiAura Plugin today.

This Plugin is specialized to detect Hacked Clients, especially the popular Hack “Killaura/Forcefield”. This plugin works really effective with fake players which we send to the client. So, if you see fake players behind of you, it’s usual.

If a player has a safe Hacklevel which cannot be a “false positive”, the player gets automatically...
by MinelordGaming at 10:30 PM
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Hey PvP4Allers!

This Christmas we worked on a big and special Event for Christmas! =)

From the 1st to the 24th of December you are able to connect to the Christmas 2015 Event Server! On this Server you get the PvP4All Advent Calender on Slot 5. By rightclicking the Advent Calender another Inventory with 24 doors (one for each day) will open. So every day there will be a new door waiting for you to open it!

To the left: The Advent Calender with no door unlocked (today, the 30th of November)
To the right: The Advent Calender with every door unlocked (On the 24th of December)

In our Advent Calender the doors are Challenges in Minecraft that reward you for completing them! You get the reward by clicking the [FINISH] sign at the end of a Challenge. These Challenges are mostly Jump'n'runs with and without effects, but also special Challenges like a Labyrinth, Quiz and more!

You can do every Challenge as often you like and you play every Challenge whenever...